2 amazing days packed with 10 exciting sessions that cover a wide spectrum of
related topics on modern, advanced software development.

Wednesday April 29thThursday April 30th
TimeSessions TimeSessions
08:30-09:00Registration, networking and setting the scene for this mastermind.
09:00-10:25Introduction to Domain-Driven Design
Miguel Alpendre

High level overview of Domain-Driven Design. Modelling, Building Blocks and Strategic Design explained, based on the blue book.
The Saga pattern
Christer Østergaard 

Discover the Saga pattern, a much overlooked pattern for implementing long-running, reactive processes.
10:35-12:00Domain Events in depth
Joao Pires 

We will go through Domain Events as a concept to model relevant past occurrences which can be adopted to implement side effects across aggregates and improve scalability by using eventual consistency.

Using the Saga Pattern
Indu Alagarsamy

We will live code a saga message pattern. Learn how you model complex business workflows in practice.

Sponsor lightning talk & lunchSponsor lightning talk & lunch
Christer Østergaard

Aggregates, events, commands, and messaging come together in this walkthrough of an in-production example website.
Actor model and distributed programming
Joāo Pires

Encapsulation, shared memory, call stack – maybe it’s all an illusion? The Actor model pattern suggests a solution to our scaling woes.
Resilience Design Patterns
Indu Alagarsamy

Database unavailable? Message broker failed? Surge load on a system that you have to keep online? How does your system react when a key resource fails?
Microservices teams
Paulo Alves Pereira

Team boundaries, missions, roadmaps and communication are key factor in the success of operating a microservices architecture.
Microservices lifecycle
Paulo Alves Pereira

After designing your services
runtime management and observability is essential for the continued success of Microservices. Learn proven strategies.
Event storming
Miguel Alpendre

Discover requirements and processes of the business in a fast, effective and engaging way.
17:30-20:00Social activity / Networking
Sponsor lightning talk
We’ll go to a nearby bar for drinks and snacks.